Pregnancy Yoga

Class Length:
60 minutes
What to Bring

yoga mat, towel, bed or sofa pillow, strap (bathrobe belt will do), water. These classes are designed to be done in home!  We typically require a MEDICAL CONSENT FORM, but know that might be delayed for you to get at this time. We ask that you work out at a level that feels safe and comfortable for you. Click here to download a form. Oh Baby! Fitness normally requires medical clearance for ALL pregnant clients.

Course Image
Take the time to center, connect and focus on yourself and your baby. Stretch and soothe your sore back, shoulders and legs. Learn to relax, breathe and meditate in preparation for the big day. No yoga experience is necessary, but if you practice yoga regularly, you'll love our challenging modified poses.

Pelvic Tilt

One of the best yoga exercises for pregnancy to relieve back pain is called Cat-Cow. It's a pelvic tilt and back stretch. Senior Instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads a demonstration of the proper form for the stretch.

Wall Sits

Oh Baby! Fitness Senior Instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads us through a proper wall sit for pregnant women. Wall sits are a great exercise for building lower back and glute strength during pregnancy. It's also a great way to prepare for labor.


Guidance on proper form for lunges during exercise while pregnant from Oh Baby! Fitness. Lunges lift and tighten the butt, but they also offer an opportunity to work the pelvic floor. You can do Kegel exercises while doing lunges.

Squats on Ball

Squats are a wonderful exercise during pregnancy to build leg strength and prepare for labor. Senior Oh Baby! Fitness instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads us through modified squats using a stability ball for support. It takes the pressure off the knees.


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