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How will my baby participate in class?

Oh Baby! Fitness designs the majority of its postnatal classes with Mom AND Baby in mind. Exercises are gentle, and your child will never be put in an inappropriate position. In our yoga and Pilates classes, you'll have the option of incorporating your baby into the poses... Or your baby can lie on the mat next to you or stay in their car seat.

In our Mom & Baby Fitness class, baby is worn in a front-carrier for the first part of class and then will be incorporated into mat exercises for the last part of class.

What are the benefits of exercising WITH my baby?

Most experts say the best way to lose weight after pregnancy is to work out with your baby.  You're more likely to stick to the routine and you'll feel less guilty if you're not leaving the baby with a caregiver. 

With Oh Baby! Fitness, you'll have the chance to exercise with your child under the supervision of our certified perinatal instructors, and they'll help you tone, strengthen and build muscle and burn fat in a SAFE way. You'll have fun with your baby, and set a life-long example of showing your child how much fun exercising can be.

What if my baby cries during class?

If your baby cries during class, it definitely wouldn't be the first time it has happened! Feel free to stop exercising to comfort your baby. We take several water breaks during class, so there's always time to catch up. If you know that all of your baby's needs have been met, and you want to continue exercising while your baby cries, that's fine too. Do whatever you need to do to get the most out of the class and ensure your baby's comfort.

What if my baby is unhappy throughout the entire class?

We all have good days and bad days, babies are no exception to the rule! One day, your baby may bounce, coo and giggle all the way through class and the next day wail to beat the band. That's why we encourage all moms to try a class at least two times, especially if your baby cries a lot during your first class. If, after two meetings, your baby still isn't having fun, Oh Baby! Fitness will issue a pro-rated refund or credit for another class.

If I didn't exercise during my pregnancy, can exercising afterward help me lose weight faster?

Yes! It's never too late to start regular, consistent exercise. During pregnancy, most moms gain an average of 30 pounds. The first 18 to 20 pounds are lost in the first month after delivery. It's the last 5 to 10 pounds that can be tough to get rid of. At Oh Baby! Fitness, we focus on how to remove those last few pounds in problem areas that just don't want to come off. Regular exercise, consistent water intake and a healthy diet are key to weight loss. 

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