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How difficult are the classes?

All of our classes are designed for pregnant and postpartum women. We offer modifications in each class to meet your specific trimester and fitness level. Instructors will guide you through each exercise, offering options to make the exercise more difficult or easier (depending on how you feel that day.) We have women with a variety of fitness levels attend our classes.. those who have never exercised before, those who have been out of exercise for a while due to morning sickness, and then we have triathletes and super active women attending too.

Do I need more than one medical consent form for each class?

One medical consent form will cover ALL your pregnancy classes. Oh Baby! Fitness will keep your consent form on file. Once you have your baby, you'll need a new consent form from your doctor saying it's OK for you to return to exercise. ALL Moms whose babies are less than 12 weeks old need medical clearance to attend a mom & baby class.

Do you offer make-up classes? What is your refund, withdrawal and cancellation policy?

Missed Classes and Make-up Classes:

Missed class and make up policies are specific to locations. Look at your instructors profile to see your specific class make up policy. You can find your instructor by clicking their name on your class details page and on the Find An Instructor page.

Single class registrants may not make-up missed classes. You must attend class on the date purchased.

Do I have to be a member of the gym/fitness facility where Oh Baby! Fitness classes are being held?

No membership is required at any of our partner facilities! However, many of our partners offer discounted memberships or free guest passes to Oh Baby! Fitness clients. Taking one of our classes is a great way to check out an exercise facility.

After a class ends, can I take advantage of the facility's amenities longer?

You may use the locker room/shower facilities after your class at each of our partner facilities, but please only attend your Oh Baby! Fitness class. You're encouraged to tour the facility and consider membership for any additional exercise. Some facilities give Oh Baby! Fitness clients discounted memberships or free trial passes. Ask at the front desk of your partner facility for details on membership!

Can a friend/partner come to my classes to cheer me on and/or take pictures?

We ask that pregnancy classes be for moms-to-be only. We spend a lot of time talking during our workouts, and husbands or grandmas or friends can stem the flow of natural conversation. For Mom & Baby classes, we welcome one additional guest to attend for FREE (grandparent, dad, partner, aunt/uncle). Our only rule is your guest needs to join in the workout and participate in the group.

Do I have to know how to swim in order to participate in water aerobics and how deep is the water?

No, you don't have to know how to swim to participate in our aqua classes. The water is chest deep, so you can easily stand. Kick boards, water weights and noodles are provided for the moms. Flotation devices are provided for the babies. Share your limitations/preferences with your instructor prior to your first class, and he/she will make any modifications needed to make sure you enjoy your workout.

Are the instructors trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness?

Absolutely! Every Oh Baby! Fitness instructor is certified in prenatal and postnatal instruction. Oh Baby! Fitness® wrote our own perinatal fitness training that is recognized by national fitness organizations for continuing education. You'll be exercising with other women who are pregnant or have just had babies, and all exercises have been modified to be safe, for you and your trimester or fitness level.


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