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Do I need medical clearance to attend class?

Medical clearance is required for ALL pregnant women and any mother who's given birth in the last 12 weeks. Click here to download a consent form. You can bring your consent form to your first class, upload it to your profile on our website or fax it to us at 888-966-0408. You do not have to use an Oh Baby consent form, your doctor can write on a prescription pad or their letterhead that it's OK for you to exercise. 

What if my class is rained out or canceled due to instructor illness or facility closing?

Facility/Pool Closure/Instructor Illness:

Thunderstorms can cause pools to close. Call the pool/facility 30 minutes prior to your class to see if it's open. If it is closed, then class is canceled. If possible, a make-up will be scheduled or you will be directed to attend any comparable class as a make-up.

What information do I receive before class?

At purchase, you'll receive an order confirmation with your class name, day, time, location, price and confirmation code. One week prior to class you will receive a reminder about your medical consent form. If we have not received it, you will be encouraged to get it in before your class begins. Two days before your class is scheduled to begin, we will send you a welcome note with directions, specifics on what to bring to class and parking instructions. 

Should I eat before class?

Eat a nutritious snack of complex carbohydrates (fruit, bread, crackers, cereal, baked potato, pasta, etc.) one to two hours before class to maintain healthy blood sugar levels during exercise. Avoid high fat, high protein and high-refined sugar products at least two hours before your workout. Bringing a snack for after class is a good idea too, as some people experience a drop in their blood sugar after exercise. Packing an apple or string cheese for the drive home is often helpful. ALWAYS bring a bottle of water with you to each and every class.

I'm a mother of multiples, can I still come to Oh Baby! Fitness classes?

Come one, come all! Instructors are ready to assist you (ie. holding one of the babies during class). We also invite one guest (for example: grandmother, dad, partner, aunt or uncle) to participate at no extra cost. Another set of hands makes the workout easier... especially with triplets! Please make a note during registration if you have twins or triplets, so our instructor will know to expect you. It's not unusual to have a couple set of twins in one class. We like to be prepared with a plan! 

What should I wear to class?

Dress in layers so you can shed clothes as you warm up. Please dress comfortably and wear light cotton clothes. Shorts, T-shirts, supportive bras, and running shoes are recommended. Remember that everyone in the class with you will be pregnant or a new mom! There is no need to wear heavy or bulky clothes. For an aquatic class: please wear your regular pregnancy or postpartum swimsuit with an additional supportive bra/sports bra underneath. Aqua socks are recommended for additional traction and to help avoid slipping when getting out of the pool.

When should I begin and stop exercising?

Pregnant women can begin an exercise program as soon as your doctor or health care practitioner gives you the OK. Often, that can be as soon as you discover you are pregnant. Usually, when the doctor sees the heart (or pump) on an ultrasound, often as early as 7 weeks, the possibility of miscarriage is reduced to 5%. After the twelfth week of pregnancy, the fatigue of the first trimester has usually vanished and the risk of miscarriage is further reduced.


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