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join the oh baby! fitness national licensing program!

That's us, Clare Schexnyder and Kathleen Donahoe, the two owners of Oh Baby! Fitness National, and we invite you to join us on the path to owning your own Oh Baby! Fitness program anywhere in the country.

Since 2005, we've brought together more than 40,000 moms and 10,000 babies through supportive community-oriented pregnancy and mom & baby exercise classes. The program changed our lives and the lives of women we've come to know along the way. We believe you too can shape your own community and career in fitness, and we can help!

Teach pre and postnatal fitness to moms in your town or city and earn a healthy living while setting your own schedule, prices and class types! Get our perinatal training, then join our licensing program to teach Oh Baby! Fitness® brand classes in your community. We guide you every step of the way—from training and licensing to marketing and online tools that will help you promote your Oh Baby! Fitness program. Owning your own business has never been easier!

Who’s It For?

  • Moms looking for a new part-time or full-time job that combines passion and pay.
  • Trainers and Fitness Professionals that want to own their own company.
  • Gyms that want to retain their pregnant clients by offering safe and fun exercise classes.
  • Anyone curious about owning their own business or helping women workout in a safe and fun environment.

How It Works

Become a licensee and teach Oh Baby! Fitness® brand classes in 4 easy steps:


get trained

Take our online pre/postnatal fitness training to become a certified Oh Baby! Fitness Instructor. This online certification will teach you the art and science of training pregnant women and new mothers and prepare you to safely and confidently instruct your clients. The Oh Baby training is a mandatory requirement for all licensees.


consider a location for classes

Oh Baby! Fitness partners with locations like gyms, fitness studios, hospitals, churches, parks and pools. Consider where you'd want to teach classes.- it's a key decision to your future success.


join an informational licensing webinar

Join our next informational webinar to learn details about our national licensing program. Webinars are free and take about an hour.


submit proof of training and insurance

Acquire and submit to us copies of:

  • A nationally recognized fitness certification (Group Fitness, Pilates, Yoga and Water certifications accepted)
  • CPR card
  • Proof of Liability Insurance

When you submit your certifications and request to be a licensee, we'll send you licensing documents to look over and sign. Once approved, you'll be an official licensee and will be able to teach Oh Baby! Fitness® brand classes in your area. As a licensee, you'll pay $40/month in royalty fees for the first 6 months and 6% of gross revenue thereafter. In return, you post your classes and run your business through the national website, where you'll receive payment directly,  manage your classes and customer lists and be able to run your own perinatal fitness training business with ease. 

What You Get

We want to give you the tools and knowledge to build your best business! By joining our licensing program, you receive:

  • Your own web page on our National Oh Baby! Fitness website where you can post your classes and locations online!
  • Access to online registration and payments. Clients will be able to sign up online for your classes and payment will go directly to you. You recieve client payments BEFORE they attend class!
  • Customizable marketing materials (flyers, business cards, postcards) that can be easily downloaded.
  • Online videos and printed teaching modules of how to instruct safe, fun and challenging workouts for new and expectant moms.
  • Advice and tips on how to start and grow your business by establishing partnerships with studios, gyms and hospitals
  • Access to sample legal forms (medical consent forms, rental  agreements, etc.)
  • Participation in our national marketing and advertising campaigns.

Get Started Now!   

Learn more about our online instructor training for pregnancy and postpartum fitness.

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Find out when our next informational webinar on our national licensing program will be held. Webinars are free and take about an hour.