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Pregnancy Exercise

The exercises here will help strengthen your abs, pelvic floor, lower and upper body. All of these exercises are safe for pregnancy. If you want more exercises that are specific to your week of pregnancy, see our Pregnancy Exercise Weekly Workout app on iTunes.

  • 3 Exercises You Can Do Right After You Have Your Baby

    We get asked all the time how quickly women can return to exercise postpartum. While you don't want to vigorously exercise until cleared by your doctor, here are three safe, effective exercises you can do right after you baby is born.

  • Abdominal Separation: How to Perform a Self-Check

    Many pregnant women experience abdominal separation during the last trimester of pregnancy. The rectus abdominals can split along the mid-line to give room for the baby to grow. Watch to learn how to check yourself for this condition.

  • Correct Pregnancy Posture

    Oh Baby! Fitness co-owner Kathleen Donahoe, who is 29 weeks pregnant with her first baby in this video, talks us through ideal posture during pregnancy and what a difference it can make to your lower back and appearance.

  • Arm & Leg Raises - abdominals

    Modified abdominal exercise for pregnancy using arm and leg raises. This exercise is performed on all fours, also known as the "Songbird". Good for balance, building abdominal strength and low back strength.

  • Squats on Ball

    Squats are a wonderful exercise during pregnancy to build leg strength and prepare for labor. Senior Oh Baby! Fitness instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads us through modified squats using a stability ball for support. It takes the pressure off the knees.

  • Lunges

    Guidance on proper form for lunges during exercise while pregnant from Oh Baby! Fitness. Lunges lift and tighten the butt, but they also offer an opportunity to work the pelvic floor. You can do Kegel exercises while doing lunges.

  • Modified Plank

    Modified Plank for pregnancy brought to you by Oh Baby! Fitness. The plank is an excellent exercise to strengthen the chest, abdominal and lower back muscles.

  • Modified Push Up

    Modified push up for pregnancy. A great exercise to build chest, triceps and abdominal strength. Proper modification taught by Senior Oh Baby! Fitness Instructor, Kathleen Donahoe.

  • Wall Sits

    Oh Baby! Fitness Senior Instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads us through a proper wall sit for pregnant women. Wall sits are a great exercise for building lower back and glute strength during pregnancy. It's also a great way to prepare for labor.

  • Rolling Like a Ball & Roll Up - abdominals

    Oh Baby! Fitness Senior Instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads us through rolling like a ball and a half roll up for pregnancy. These abdominal exercises are perfect for building core strength during pregnancy.

  • Learning how to engage the abdominals

    In Oh Baby! Fitness pregnancy exercise classes, we cue women to engage their abdominal muscles and to 'hug their baby' or 'draw the baby up and in'. Watch to see what correct toning of the abdominals looks like.

  • Outer & Inner Thigh Raises

    Outer and inner thigh raises work the glutes, thighs and pelvic floor. Engage your abdominals during this exercise for added benefit. Senior Oh Baby! Fitness Instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads you through a demonstration.

  • Pelvic Tilt

    One of the best yoga exercises for pregnancy to relieve back pain is called Cat-Cow. It's a pelvic tilt and back stretch. Senior Instructor Kathleen Donahoe leads a demonstration of the proper form for the stretch.

  • Stability Ball Exercises - back & pelvis

    Senior Oh Baby! Fitness Instructor, Kathleen Donahoe, helps answer all the questions we get about stability balls and exercise during pregnancy: What kind of Stability Ball is best for me to purchase when pregnant? How do I sit on the ball properly?

  • Stability Ball Exercises - abdominals

    Recommended abdominal exercises for pregnant women. These exercises utilize a stability ball. Oh Baby! Fitness Senior Instructor, Kathleen Donahoe leads the demonstration of how to do some modified abdominal work.

  • Belly Breathing for Labor and Coordinated Pushing

    Learn how to perform belly breathing for labor and then coordinated pushing. Learn more about this technuqie by downloading our app How to Push Out Your Baby from our app page.