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get trained online to teach pregnancy and mom & baby exercise classes!

The Oh Baby! Fitness® Prenatal and Postpartum Training is a web-based, self-guided course unlike any other because it's a complete training manual available online — pictures, illustrations and demonstration videos are included in the text! Instructors will have online access immediately after purchase and will be able to download and work through the course at their own pace.

This comprehensive course will teach you how to assess clients at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum and create an appropriate fitness program based on ACOG guidelines. 

You will learn:

  • The science behind how pregnancy affects women’s bodies during and after pregnancy, and how these changes relate to exercise programs and physical activity.
  • A variety of exercise modalities and modifications designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women.
  • To develop safe, effective and fun exercise programs that can be customized to meet the physiological and psychological needs of each individual client.
  • How to effectively communicate with clients to describe the physical changes pre-and postnatal women undergo, and offer exercises that foster a healthier pregnancy and ease recovery.
  • How to assess each client’s needs based on pregnancy trimester and/or fitness level, and how to modify exercises to correspond with their physical needs throughout pregnancy and beyond.

After completing the course, you will hold a specialty certificate in pre/postnatal fitness. You will be able to: 

  • modify normal population exercises for pre/postnatal clients
  • assess women as they come into your class based on their trimester and fitness level
  • help women self-check for abdominal separation and teach rehab
  • teach transverse abdominal core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises
  • explain to clients what pre/postnatal exercise looks like and when a client can return to normal exercise
  • talk conversationally about the changes women experience during pregnancy and postpartum and how exercise can help create alleviate most common complaints and make stronger, healthier moms.

Oh Baby! Fitness Prenatal & Postpartum Online Training and Exam: $185 

includes: 100-page, online manual with illustrations, pictures and 30+ minutes of instructional demonstration videos (estimated time to complete is 16 hours) and exam.

Oh Baby! Fitness Perinatal Workshop for Midwives, Birth and Medical Professionals: $25

This 90 minute workshop covers the importance of exercise for pregnant and new moms. Learn practical, hands-on knowledge of how to use exercise in your clinical practice to transform the perinatal period for your patients. Learn the newest ACOG guidelines, specific exercises you can share in a clinical setting and our coordinated pushing technique: an exercise-based approach to efficient pushing during delivery. CEUs available for ACNM and Frontier Nursing University students.

Oh Baby! Fitness Prenatal & Postpartum LIVE Training - Cleveland Clinic: $200 

(Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022  9am - 3pm at Cleveland Clinic - Akron General LifeStyles Health & Wellness Center, 4300 Allen Rd., Stow, OH 44224)

Join our LIVE training workshop on pregnancy and postpartum fitness in October in Ohio. This is an exercise training every fitness professional should attend.. even if you don't teach solely pregnant people. Once a person has had a baby they're postpartum FOREVER, and it's important to understand those body changes and how to modify exercise and talk to clients about weak pelvic floors, healing separated abdominals and exercise as a CLINICALLY PROVEN way to stave off postpartum depression and anxiety.... something the pandemic has made so much worse for everyone. The live training gives practical, hands-on instruction in class programming, rehabbing abdominal separation, pelvic floor exercises and health, and a special technique called "Coordinated Pushing" that will help your clients learn how to quickly and efficiently push out baby during delivery. The training is recommended for fitness, birth and medical professionals. CECs available for all. 

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Zeynep: Really great course! Explains everything that a woman goes through during pregnancy. Informative and practical.

Patricia: Loved learning all of this and can't wait to practice it!

Candace: This course was extremely helpful to understand how to properly train and support pregnancy and postpartum clients. I feel better equipped to support my clients in a variety of exercise modalities and better meet their needs.

Julia: Excellent course! Covers a lot and answers all of your questions. Highly recommend!

Caroline: The material was well written and easy to follow along with. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second and I felt like the material presented fit well into what I experienced in my first pregnancy and in my current pregnancy now. I was worried the material would not be that up to date - only because I previously searched for an ACE pregnancy related course and it looked extremely outdated! This material is updated! The research studies presented referenced studies from 2015. I also have to mention that the videos from the Oh Baby Fitness instructor were very informational and brought the reading material to life.

Barbara: The best course ever! thank you!

Jennifer: I’m a nurse and currently pregnant and your program is truly inspiring!  I love how your certification program is challenging, practical and based on best practice, so rare to find a program like yours! Thank you again for creating a wonderful program! It truly will change my own practice and what I promote to the community.

Kimberly: I LOVED this course. Once I finally sat down to get through it, I couldn't stop. It was wonderfully put together, and I have joked with some of my friends that I learned more about pregnancy during this course than I did while I was actually pregnant.

Online Training

Oh Baby! Fitness prenatal and postpartum online training tuition: $185

Prenatal and postpartum online training includes:


online manual

100-page, online manual with illustrations, pictures and 30+ minutes of instructional demonstration videos (estimated time to complete is 16 hours).



Online timed Exam (2 hour timed exam; note: a $35 fee applies for one chance re-examination, if needed).


specialty certificate

Upon successful exam completion, instructors receive an official specialty certificate via mail. *This training should be combined with a national group fitness, personal trainer, Pilates, Yoga or water aerobics certification.



Get the latest modifications and updates to the manual and ongoing instructor education info.



Oh Baby! Fitness is an approved Continuing Education Provider for the American Council on Exercise. [1.0 CECs], the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America [8 CECs] and the National Academy of Sports Medicine [0.8 CECs] and DONA International [8.5 CECs].

Teaching Videos

10 instructional videos to choose from: $130 each




Water Aerobics

Pushing Workshop

Pregnancy Pilates

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mom & baby



H2Oh Baby!

Stroller Workout

Mom & Baby Pilates

See Class Descriptions

Once you complete the training and pass the exam, you’ll be able to gain access and purchase any of our ten Oh Baby! Fitness® teaching videos for $130 each. Each 45 minute video and accompanying printed class routine guides you through the best suggested exercises for each specific class type. We teach you what to consider when training new moms (and babies), and we give you a progression of exercises to make classes different and challenging.

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National Licensing Program

Want even more support? Join our national licensing program! For a monthly fee, you can post classes on our website and Moms can register and prepay online for your classes and the money goes directly to you! You’ll also have access to legal documents, waivers, rosters, class logs, marketing materials and support from our national company.

Live Training Workshops

Oh Baby! Fitness next live Pre/Postnatal training:

Seattle, WA

Spring 2020

Learn the current science, recommendations and modifications for pregnant and postpartum clients from Master Trainer and Oh Baby! Fitness co-owner Kathleen Donahoe. This training includes hands on demonstration, lively discussion and tons of practical tips for training this important population. Cost is $235.