Mom & Baby Fitness

Mom & Baby Fitness
Class Length:
45 minutes
Get ready for a great all over body workout! This class incorporates cardio, strength training for arms and legs and focused abdominal work. Instructors will help you learn how to strengthen and rehab your core. Baby is in a front carrier for the cardio and strength training portion of class. Your baby can be incorporated into the abdominal and floor exercises. Baby age: 4 weeks to 18 months
Dates and Times
Mondays at 9:30 AM
February 3 to February 24 2020
Class Price
Session: 4 Weeks/$60
Single Class: $18
Class Registration
If you have a discount code, you will be able to enter it later. The discount code only applies to full sessions and does not apply to remaining or single classes.
Price Combo Reference
$60 / 4 weeks
Class instructor name

Strive and Uplift

Strive and Uplift
47° 39' 53.3016" N, 122° 22' 27.7104" W

direction/make up
Plenty of street parking is available. Feel free to bring baby in car seat. If your baby is walking or crawling, please be sure they are safe during class. Your instructor's job is to keep you safe (re: form, intensity, etc), and your job is to keep your baby safe. Instructors are always happy to modify if you need to hold or use a carrier for your baby. SEATTLE MAKE UP POLICY: Single Class Policy: All single purchased classes are non-refundable and cannot be made-up or transferred. Pre-Registration Policy: If you sign up for the FULL session by pre-registering online you can be refunded one class per session. Classes can not be transferred to the next session. If you sign up for a pro-rated session (ie: sign up at week 2 of a 4 week session) any missed classes are non-refundable. The one refunded class only applies to full pre-registered participants.
Class Start Date
Monday, February 3, 2020
Class Time
Class Maximum Capacity
What to Bring

These classes are designed to be done in home! We wear babies for the first part of class in a front carrier or baby bjorn. If you have a mat or towel to use, have it nearby, along with a water bottle. We typically require a MEDICAL CONSENT FORM, but know that might be delayed for you to get at this time. We ask that you work out at a level that feels safe and comfortable for you.