Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga
Class Length:
60 minutes
Take the time to center, connect and focus on yourself and your baby. Stretch and soothe your sore back, shoulders and legs. Learn to relax, breathe and meditate in preparation for the big day. No yoga experience is necessary, but if you practice yoga regularly, you'll love our challenging modified poses.
Dates and Times
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM
January 28 to March 3 2020
Class Price
Session: 6 Weeks/$102
Single Class: $19
Class Registration
If you have a discount code, you will be able to enter it later. The discount code only applies to full sessions and does not apply to remaining or single classes.
Price Combo Reference
$102 / 6 weeks
Class instructor name

Be Kula: Space for Wellness (Atlanta)

Be Kula: Space for Wellness (Atlanta)
Notes: In the basement of the Neighborhood Church in Candler Park
33° 45' 52.6356" N, 84° 20' 11.9832" W

direction/make up
The Be Kula studio is located in the basement of Neighborhood Church (1561 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, 30307). Parking is in the church parking lot. The lot entrance is located off of Mell Street behind the church. You are also welcome to park along the street. The main entrance to the studio is at the back of the church building. From the parking lot, go to the black fence surrounding the playground. Enter the gate and follow the sidewalk, which takes you directly to the staircase leading down to the studio entrance. OR If you have a stroller with you and need to take the elevator, use the keypad next to the other entrance in the glass entry way. Enter code: 62229 (which spells OBABY on a keypad with letters). Take the elevator to the basement and you'll see the yoga room as you exit. Oh Baby! Fitness Moms are welcome to sign up for Be Kula classes. If you sign up for a Be Kula class, you will receive their second class free. You can view their schedule here:
Class Start Date
Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Class Time
Class Maximum Capacity
Sarah Williams
What to Bring

yoga mat, towel, bed or sofa pillow, strap (bathrobe belt will do), water. These classes are designed to be done in home!  We typically require a MEDICAL CONSENT FORM, but know that might be delayed for you to get at this time. We ask that you work out at a level that feels safe and comfortable for you. Click here to download a form. Oh Baby! Fitness normally requires medical clearance for ALL pregnant clients.