Stroller Workout

Stroller Workout
Class Length:
45 minutes
It's more than just a walk in the park.. this modified boot camp for Moms will give you an all over workout - arms, legs, abs and cardio.. and baby comes along in the stroller! Baby age: 4 weeks to 4 years
Dates and Times
Tuesdays at 9:00 AM
June 18 to June 18 2019
Class Price
Session: 1 Weeks/$0
Single Class: $0
Class Registration
If you have a discount code, you will be able to enter it later. The discount code only applies to full sessions and does not apply to remaining or single classes.
Price Combo Reference
$0 / 1 weeks
Class instructor name

Derby St. Shops

Derby St. Shops
Notes: Class will meet on the turf in between REI and Kohls.
42° 10' 39.2268" N, 70° 54' 34.4088" W

Location Sub Title
The Derby Street Shoppes
direction/make up
Please plan to arrive to class at least ten minutes early to prepare you and/or your baby for class. You will need to sign the class sign-in sheet each week to account for your attendance and track any missed classes that may occur. Class will meet in between REI and Kohls on the turf and will utilize various areas within the shops and perimeter of the shops. Bring sunscreen, bug spray and a hat for you and your baby if you are concerned about the weather conditions. The closest bathroom is at Kohls (if they are open during class, if not Whole Foods is the closest), please plan accordingly. Note on Consent Form: All participants who are pregnant or who are less than 12 weeks postpartum will need a signed consent form from their doctor/midwife consenting to exercise. If you are unable to obtain the consent prior to the first class, please attend the first class but be sure to have it submitted or delivered by hand at the second class. Make-up and Missed Classes: Oh Baby! Fitness has a very unique and generous missed class policy. If you miss a class, you will be allowed to make it up in any other comparable (pregnancy or mom & baby) class before your session ends. If you are unable to make-up the class within the session in which it occurred or a class is not offered that you are able to attend as a make-up, the class is then forfeited. We are unable to carry over make-up classes to subsequent sessions. Single class registrants may not make-up missed classes. You MUST attend class on the date purchased. FREE class registrants may not make-up any missed classes. You MUST attend the FREE class on the day(s) you registered for. Making Up a Class: Attend any comparable (pregnancy or mom & baby) class at any location before your session ends, or carry over ONE missed class to be used no later than two weeks after the session ends. When you sign in at the class you have chosen, write 'make-up' next to your name. Our automated system will track your attendance. One bonus of our make-up policy: many women choose to miss a class on purpose, so they can try out another Oh Baby! Fitness class. (ie. you're signed up for Pregnancy Pilates, but you decide to do your make-up in a Pregnancy Water Aerobics class). **Always check the Today's Classes link to make sure the class you want to attend as a make-up is running.**
Class Start Date
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Class Time
Class Maximum Capacity
Kate Woodard
What to Bring

stroller with brakes (please, no umbrella strollers), water, towel or mat, snack. If your baby is little, consider bringing a baby bjorn or snugglie in addition to your stroller, just in case your child wants to be close to Mom that day. You may need a signed MEDICAL CONSENT FORM in order to participate in class. Oh Baby! Fitness requires a signed consent form from your doctor or health care provider if your baby is less than 12 weeks old. Click here to download a form.