dr. katherine h.

Dr. Katherine Ingram is Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Kennesaw
State University
, just north of Atlanta.  She earned her Ph.D. in exercise
physiology with a specialty in nutrition at Georgia State University. Dr.
Ingram completed post-doctoral fellowships in obesity and diabetes research
at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Her work has been published in
multiple scientific journals. Upon her arrival at KSU in 2012, Dr. Ingram
incorporated her interest of pregnancy health into her obesity research
program.  She and her research team currently conduct studies on the
influence of exercise and abdominal obesity on complications of pregnancy.
In the classroom, Dr. Ingram teaches topics pertaining to exercise
physiology, nutrition, and the study of these during pregnancy.  Her
students graduate with a full understanding of the physiology behind, as
well as the importance of, fitness, nutrition, and weight management in
maintaining healthy pregnancies.  At home, Dr. Ingram enjoys teaching her
two young daughters the importance of healthy diet and active play.

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