When should I begin and stop exercising?

Pregnant women can begin an exercise program as soon as your doctor or health care practitioner gives you the OK. Often, that can be as soon as you discover you are pregnant. Usually, when the doctor sees the heart (or pump) on an ultrasound, often as early as 7 weeks, the possibility of miscarriage is reduced to 5%. After the twelfth week of pregnancy, the fatigue of the first trimester has usually vanished and the risk of miscarriage is further reduced. Moms normally exercise with us right up to their due date (and beyond)! After you've had your baby, ask your health care provider when you can return to exercise (ACOG now says moms with uncomplicated, vaginal births and no bleeding can return to exercise sooner than previously thought).  Moms usually return to Oh Baby! Fitness classes four to six weeks after a vaginal delivery and six to eight weeks after a Cesarean birth. Again, please obtain clearance from your doctor or midwife before you attend class. 

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