How will my baby participate in class?

Oh Baby! Fitness designs the majority of its postnatal classes with Mom AND Baby in mind. Exercises are gentle, and your child will never be put in an inappropriate position. In our yoga and Pilates classes, you'll have the option of incorporating your baby into the poses... Or your baby can lie on the mat next to you or stay in their car seat.

In our Mom & Baby Fitness class, baby is worn in a front-carrier for the first part of class and then will be incorporated into mat exercises for the last part of class.

In our H2Oh Baby class, your baby is in a flotation device that you gently push in the water while you do muscle toning and strengthening exercises.

In Stroller Workout, your baby sits in a stroller while you exercise, but we sing and entertain the babies to make sure they're having fun while you get a workout!

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