What are the benefits of exercising WITH my baby?

Most experts say the best way to lose weight after pregnancy is to work out with your baby.  You're more likely to stick to the routine and you'll feel less guilty if you're not leaving the baby with a caregiver. 

With Oh Baby! Fitness, you'll have the chance to exercise with your child under the supervision of our certified perinatal instructors, and they'll help you tone, strengthen and build muscle and burn fat in a SAFE way. You'll have fun with your baby, and set a life-long example of showing your child how much fun exercising can be.

Studies also show that new moms who workout in a group actually lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who work out alone. Exercise fights postpartum depression too. At Oh Baby! Fitness, we believe Moms who exercise have happier, healthier babies, and group fitness is a great way to make friends that will last a lifetime. 

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