Are the instructors trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness?

Absolutely! Every Oh Baby! Fitness instructor is certified in prenatal and postnatal instruction. Oh Baby! Fitness® wrote our own perinatal fitness training that is recognized by national fitness organizations for continuing education. You'll be exercising with other women who are pregnant or have just had babies, and all exercises have been modified to be safe, for you and your trimester or fitness level.

If you have any special concerns, we encourage you to talk to your instructor and let her know about them. Classes are small, so feel free to ask questions and get the special attention you deserve. If you want to kick your workout up a notch -- just let your instructor know. She can give modifications for each exercise to show a more difficult (or easier) version.. depending on how you feel that day.

Click on our Find an Instructor page to learn more about Oh Baby's fitness team.

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