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Mom and Baby Exercise

The exercises here will help target specific areas and help you strengthen and tone your post-baby body safely and effectively. If you want more exercises that are specific to every week after the birth of your baby--up to 6-months postpartum, see our Mom & Baby Weekly Workout app on iTunes.

  • Hollowing: Abdominal Exercise - After Pregnancy Exercise

    After you have your baby, the first abdominal exercise you want to do is called "hollowing."  Watch to learn the first step in recovering your abdominals after pregnancy.

  • Proper Way to Carry a Car Seat

    Carrying a car seat incorrectly is the easiest way to injure your back as a new mother. Oh Baby! Fitness Senior Instructor Kathleen Donahoe demonstrates the best and safest way to carry a baby's car seat.

  • "Splinting" - Repairing Abdominal Separation

    Use this technique to repair abdominal separation after pregnancy. If you've been diagnosed with "Diastasis Recti", use this "splinting" technique to help draw abdominal muscles back together.

  • Exercise and Weight Loss for New Moms

    Co-owner Kathleen Donahoe was interviewed by partner hospital Piedmont Hospital about the best tips for exercise and weight loss for new moms- hear her tips and see some great mom and baby exercises.

  • 3 Exercises You Can Do After Baby

    We get asked all the time how quickly women can return to exercise postpartum. While you don't want to vigorously exercise until cleared by your doctor (usually at your 6 week postpartum visit), here are three safe, effective exercises you can do right after you baby is born.