general questions

Do I need medical clearance to attend class?

Medical clearance is required for ALL pregnant women and any mother who's given birth in the last 12 weeks. Click here to download a consent form. You can bring your consent form to your first class, upload it to your profile on our website or fax it to us at 888-966-0408. You do not have to use an Oh Baby consent form, your doctor can write on a prescription pad or their letterhead that it's OK for you to exercise. 

Do you offer make-up classes? What is your refund, withdrawal and cancellation policy?

Missed Classes and Make-up Classes:

Missed class and make up policies are specific to locations. Look at your instructors profile to see your specific class make up policy. You can find your instructor by clicking their name on your class details page and on the Find An Instructor page.

Single class registrants may not make-up missed classes. You must attend class on the date purchased.

Bedrest or Birth of Baby:
If you are put on bedrest or your baby is born before the end of your pregnancy class, you may receive a refund for any classes that occur AFTER your baby's birth date. Contact your instructor as soon as this occurs in order to take care of your credit. You must notify us within one week of your bedrest or birth to receive credit. If you are put on bedrest, please email a note from your physician to us so we can put it on your file.

Credits will be issued ONLY for extended illness (three or more consecutive lessons) with a note from your physician.

Dropping a Class for Medical Reasons (Besides Bedrest)
For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgement from a licensed medical practitioner you will be granted a tuition credit prorated from THE DATE WE RECEIVE WRITTEN NOTICE. No credits will be issued for conflicts with other activities or vacations. Credits will be issued for extended illness only (see ILLNESS POLICY above).

Facility/Pool Closure/Instructor Illness

Thunderstorms can cause pools to close. Call the pool/facility 30 minutes prior to your class to see if it's open. If it is not, then class is canceled. If possible, a make-up will be scheduled or you will be directed to attend any comparable class as a make-up.

If a facility is closed causing us to cancel a class, or if an instructor is ill and a substitute cannot be found, you will be notified by phone and email immediately (if you are a registered class member). If possible, a make-up will be scheduled or you will be directed to attend any comparable class as a make-up.

Refund Policy
LIMITED REFUND POLICY (see class withdrawal policy below). We have to do this because we hire our instructors based on our registration.

Class Withdrawals:

To cancel a class and receive a 100% refund, registrants must withdraw at least One Week prior to the beginning of the first class. Registrants who withdraw before the second class, will receive a 50% refund*. No refunds will be given after the first two class meetings. (*Registrants paying prorated fees are NOT eligible for refunds).

Cancellation of Classes by Oh Baby! Fitness:
Oh Baby! Fitness reserves the right to cancel any class if a minimum number of people have not registered. We will notify you by e-mail within 48 hours of the first class if a class is canceled and will contact you to provide you with either a full refund, credit or transfer to another class.

When should I begin and stop exercising?

Pregnant women can begin an exercise program as soon as your doctor or health care practitioner gives you the OK. Often, that can be as soon as you discover you are pregnant. Usually, when the doctor sees the heart (or pump) on an ultrasound, often as early as 7 weeks, the possibility of miscarriage is reduced to 5%. After the twelfth week of pregnancy, the fatigue of the first trimester has usually vanished and the risk of miscarriage is further reduced. Moms normally exercise with us right up to their due date (and beyond)! After you've had your baby, ask your health care provider when you can return to exercise (ACOG now says moms with uncomplicated, vaginal births and no bleeding can return to exercise sooner than previously thought).  Moms usually return to Oh Baby! Fitness classes four to six weeks after a vaginal delivery and six to eight weeks after a Cesarean birth. Again, please obtain clearance from your doctor or midwife before you attend class. 

After a class ends, can I take advantage of the facility's amenities longer?

You may use the locker room/shower facilities after your class at each of our partner facilities, but please only attend your Oh Baby! Fitness class. You're encouraged to tour the facility and consider membership for any additional exercise. Some facilities give Oh Baby! Fitness clients discounted memberships or free trial passes. Ask at the front desk of your partner facility for details on membership!

Do I have to be a member of the gym/fitness facility where Oh Baby! Fitness classes are being held?

No membership is required at any of our partner facilities! However, many of our partners offer discounted memberships or free guest passes to Oh Baby! Fitness clients. Taking one of our classes is a great way to check out an exercise facility.

Can a friend/partner come to my classes to cheer me on and/or take pictures?

We ask that pregnancy classes be for moms-to-be only. We spend a lot of time talking during our workouts, and husbands or grandmas or friends can stem the flow of natural conversation. For Mom & Baby classes, we welcome one additional guest to attend for FREE (grandparent, dad, partner, aunt/uncle). Our only rule is your guest needs to join in the workout and participate in the group.

Do I have to know how to swim in order to participate in water aerobics and how deep is the water?

No, you don't have to know how to swim to participate in our aqua classes. The water is chest deep, so you can easily stand. Kick boards, water weights and noodles are provided for the moms. Flotation devices are provided for the babies. Share your limitations/preferences with your instructor prior to your first class, and he/she will make any modifications needed to make sure you enjoy your workout.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Oh Baby! Fitness accepts all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Diner's Club International) and payment via PayPal.  Personal checks and cash are not accepted. All clients must pre-pay and register online before attending class.

I want to try out a class. How do I do that? Is it allowed?

If you want to try out a class and not commit to a full session, you may register and pre-pay online to attend a single class on a specific date.

To register for a single class, click on the class you're interested in and then choose the single class on a specific date you want to attend.

If you register for a single class, you must attend class on the date specified in purchase. If you miss your single class, you may not make it up.

If you are pregnant or a new mother with a baby less than 12 weeks old, you will also need to bring a medical consent form with you to your first class. 

If you decide you like the class, you can sign up and pre-pay online for the remaining classes in the session at a pro-rated price.

Oh Baby! Fitness won't run a class unless we have a minimum of four people, so we really don't encourage drop-ins, as some other companies do. We want to build classes and camaraderie, and we'd like you to commit to working out for 4 to 8 weeks.

How long are classes?

Pregnancy classes are one hour.
Pregnancy Yoga class is 75 minutes.
Mom & Baby classes are 45 minutes.

Are the instructors trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness?

Absolutely! Every Oh Baby! Fitness instructor is certified in prenatal and postnatal instruction. Oh Baby! Fitness® wrote our own perinatal fitness training that is recognized by national fitness organizations for continuing education. You'll be exercising with other women who are pregnant or have just had babies, and all exercises have been modified to be safe, for you and your trimester or fitness level.

If you have any special concerns, we encourage you to talk to your instructor and let her know about them. Classes are small, so feel free to ask questions and get the special attention you deserve. If you want to kick your workout up a notch -- just let your instructor know. She can give modifications for each exercise to show a more difficult (or easier) version.. depending on how you feel that day.

Click on our Find an Instructor page to learn more about Oh Baby's fitness team.

Do I need more than one medical consent form for each class?

One medical consent form will cover ALL your pregnancy classes. Oh Baby! Fitness will keep your consent form on file. Once you have your baby, you'll need a new consent form from your doctor saying it's OK for you to return to exercise. ALL Moms whose babies are less than 12 weeks old need medical clearance to attend a mom & baby class.

How difficult are the classes?

All of our classes are designed for pregnant and postpartum women. We offer modifications in each class to meet your specific trimester and fitness level. Instructors will guide you through each exercise, offering options to make the exercise more difficult or easier (depending on how you feel that day.) We have women with a variety of fitness levels attend our classes.. those who have never exercised before, those who have been out of exercise for a while due to morning sickness, and then we have triathletes and super active women attending too. We're able to design classes that challenge everyone safely. We TALK while we workout too. The "talk test" is a proven theory to make sure women are exercising at a level that is safe. So you'll learn about what other Moms are experiencing during pregnancy and motherhood AND get a great, safe workout at the same time! It's the perfect balance.

What should I wear to class?

Dress in layers so you can shed clothes as you warm up. Please dress comfortably and wear light cotton clothes. Shorts, T-shirts, supportive bras, and running shoes are recommended. Remember that everyone in the class with you will be pregnant or a new mom! There is no need to wear heavy or bulky clothes. For an aquatic class: please wear your regular pregnancy or postpartum swimsuit with an additional supportive bra/sports bra underneath. Aqua socks are recommended for additional traction and to help avoid slipping when getting out of the pool. Maternity swimsuit tip: Buy a bathing suit a couple of sizes too big.. with extra fabric in the tummy area. It's cheaper than buying a maternity suit and they often look better and offer better support than a maternity suit.

What do I need to bring to class?

Medical clearance is required for ALL pregnant women and any mother who's given birth in the last 12 weeks. Click here to print out a consent form. You also need to be sure to bring WATER! Exercising moms-to-be and new moms (especially nursing moms) need lots of water. So bring two bottles if you can. We break for water often during our classes. Bringing a snack for after class is a good idea too, as some people experience a drop in their blood sugar after exercise. Packing an apple or string cheese for the drive home is often helpful.  A towel is needed as well. Additional items required for classes are listed under the class descriptions.

I'm a mother of multiples, can I still come to Oh Baby! Fitness classes?

Come one, come all! Instructors are ready to assist you (ie. holding one of the babies during class). We also invite one guest (for example: grandmother, dad, partner, aunt or uncle) to participate at no extra cost. Another set of hands makes the workout easier... especially with triplets! Please make a note during registration if you have twins or triplets, so our instructor will know to expect you. It's not unusual to have a couple set of twins in one class. We like to be prepared with a plan! 

Should I eat before class?

Eat a nutritious snack of complex carbohydrates (fruit, bread, crackers, cereal, baked potato, pasta, etc.) one to two hours before class to maintain healthy blood sugar levels during exercise. Avoid high fat, high protein and high-refined sugar products at least two hours before your workout. Bringing a snack for after class is a good idea too, as some people experience a drop in their blood sugar after exercise. Packing an apple or string cheese for the drive home is often helpful. ALWAYS bring a bottle of water with you to each and every class.

What information do I receive before class?

At purchase, you'll receive an order confirmation with your class name, day, time, location, price and confirmation code. One week prior to class you will receive a reminder about your medical consent form. If we have not received it, you will be encouraged to get it in before your class begins. Two days before your class is scheduled to begin, we will send you a welcome note with directions, specifics on what to bring to class and parking instructions. 

If a session has already started, can I join for a pro-rated price?

Yes, you can join a session that is already underway. Click on the class you're interested in and choose the "remaining classes" for the pro-rated price, or choose any combination of single classes and add to your cart.

If I'm pregnant, can I still attend a mom & baby class?

Yes! You'll need a signed medical consent form since you're pregnant, but lots of moms attend our H2Oh Baby class with their older children. Stroller Workout is a good choice too.

What if my class is rained out or canceled due to instructor illness or facility closing?

Facility/Pool Closure/Instructor Illness:

Thunderstorms can cause pools to close. Call the pool/facility 30 minutes prior to your class to see if it's open. If it is closed, then class is canceled. If possible, a make-up will be scheduled or you will be directed to attend any comparable class as a make-up.

If a facility is closed causing us to cancel a class, or if an instructor is ill and a substitute cannot be found, you will be notified by phone and email immediately (if you are a registered class member). If possible, a make-up will be scheduled or you will be directed to attend any comparable class as a make-up.

If you are attending a stroller workout class in an outdoor park and the forecast calls for rain, your instructor will contact you at least 2 hours prior to class to notify you of rain cancellation. Your instructor will tell you the makeup plans at the time of cancellation.

pregnancy classes

Why should I exercise while I'm pregnant?

Recent studies have found that women who exercise throughout their pregnancy have, on average, a 25% lower possibility of C-sections and 14% lower rate of forceps usage. Additionally, pregnant women who exercise can expect an average of two hours less labor time and their babies can have higher APGAR scores. The higher the APGAR score -- the healthier the newborn. (Clapp, 1990)

Exercise can also help reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling. It can help prevent gestational diabetes, and it can increase your energy and improve your mood and posture too. Muscle strengthening exercises can increase your endurance during childbirth, and best of all..  regular exercise can help you sleep better.. ALL Moms need that!

Do I need written consent from my OB or midwife to participate in class?

ALL pregnant women need written consent form your doctor or midwife. You can present it at your first class or upload it to your profile on the website. Click here to print out a consent form. Since Oh Baby! Fitness partners with many hospitals, your doctor may have referred you to us in the first place!

stroller workout

For Stroller Workout, do I need a “jogging stroller”?

No, a jogging stroller is not necessary. All we ask is that your stroller has good brakes. Umbrella strollers aren't really sturdy enough for power walking, so please bring a regular stroller to class if you can.

mom & baby classes

If I didn't exercise during my pregnancy, can exercising afterward help me lose weight faster?

Yes! It's never too late to start regular, consistent exercise. During pregnancy, most moms gain an average of 30 pounds. The first 18 to 20 pounds are lost in the first month after delivery. It's the last 5 to 10 pounds that can be tough to get rid of. At Oh Baby! Fitness, we focus on how to remove those last few pounds in problem areas that just don't want to come off. Regular exercise, consistent water intake and a healthy diet are key to weight loss. 

How long are Mom & Baby classes?

Classes are 45 minutes long, mainly because babies seem to have internal timers that go off after about 45 minutes. Once or twice a session we'll get to run class for an hour if all the babies are happy, but usually both mom and baby are ready for a rest at the 45 minute marker!

What if my baby is unhappy throughout the entire class?

We all have good days and bad days, babies are no exception to the rule! One day, your baby may bounce, coo and giggle all the way through class and the next day wail to beat the band. That's why we encourage all moms to try a class at least two times, especially if your baby cries a lot during your first class. If, after two meetings, your baby still isn't having fun, Oh Baby! Fitness will issue a pro-rated refund or credit for another class.

What if my baby cries during class?

If your baby cries during class, it definitely wouldn't be the first time it has happened! Feel free to stop exercising to comfort your baby. We take several water breaks during class, so there's always time to catch up. If you know that all of your baby's needs have been met, and you want to continue exercising while your baby cries, that's fine too. Do whatever you need to do to get the most out of the class and ensure your baby's comfort.

What if I need to feed my baby during class?

Feeding your baby during a class is absolutely fine. Most moms show up a little early to "tank up and top off" their babies prior to class. Arriving 15 minutes early should give you enough time to get settled and make sure your baby is full and ready to let you exercise.

What if my baby is older than the recommended age for a class, but I'd still like to attend? Can I come to a class without my baby?

Absolutely! If you have childcare available and a class works with your schedule, please come join us. Our instructors will be ready to modify the class to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of exercising WITH my baby?

Most experts say the best way to lose weight after pregnancy is to work out with your baby.  You're more likely to stick to the routine and you'll feel less guilty if you're not leaving the baby with a caregiver. 

With Oh Baby! Fitness, you'll have the chance to exercise with your child under the supervision of our certified perinatal instructors, and they'll help you tone, strengthen and build muscle and burn fat in a SAFE way. You'll have fun with your baby, and set a life-long example of showing your child how much fun exercising can be.

Studies also show that new moms who workout in a group actually lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who work out alone. Exercise fights postpartum depression too. At Oh Baby! Fitness, we believe Moms who exercise have happier, healthier babies, and group fitness is a great way to make friends that will last a lifetime. 

When can I start Mom and Baby classes?

You can start Oh Baby! Fitness classes once you're 6 weeks postpartum. If you have written consent from your doctor or health care provider, you can start earlier. You may need to wait 8 weeks if you've had a Cesarean delivery. Oh Baby! Fitness requires medical consent only up to 12 weeks postpartum, but please, check with your doctor anyway to be sure you're ready to return to exercise.  Click here to print out a medical consent form. You can bring the form to your first class. For our land classes, it never matters how young the baby is, just that Mom is OK to return to exercise. For our H2Oh Baby! class, babies need to be at least 12 pounds and able to hold their head up while they sit in a float for class.

How will my baby participate in class?

Oh Baby! Fitness designs the majority of its postnatal classes with Mom AND Baby in mind. Exercises are gentle, and your child will never be put in an inappropriate position. In our yoga and Pilates classes, you'll have the option of incorporating your baby into the poses... Or your baby can lie on the mat next to you or stay in their car seat.

In our Mom & Baby Fitness class, baby is worn in a front-carrier for the first part of class and then will be incorporated into mat exercises for the last part of class.

In our H2Oh Baby class, your baby is in a flotation device that you gently push in the water while you do muscle toning and strengthening exercises.

In Stroller Workout, your baby sits in a stroller while you exercise, but we sing and entertain the babies to make sure they're having fun while you get a workout!