Julie Koster

(970) 333-1847


Coach Julie lives in Silverthorne with her husband and four - yes, four! - kids. As a group fitness instructor and a fellow Summit County Mom, she has noticed a huge gap in the area of pre- and postnatal fitness in our mountain community. With virtually no year-round offerings in this genre, Coach Julie is excited to introduce Oh Baby Fitness to Summit County, bringing with it a host of prenatal and postnatal workouts to help our mountain mamas maintain their active lifestyle throughout all stages of motherhood.

Prenatal classes will also include modifiers for baby-wearing exercisers, and baby-wearing workouts will offer modifers for prenatal moms, too. So, come to any class and we will find a way to tailor it to your current spot on the mama timeline! Have a friend who isn't in the mama zone yet? Bring her with you, anyway, because working out is always more fun with friends! 


Make Up Policy: One-time Pop Up classes do not offer make up options. Regularly scheduled classes will offer a one-time make up class for no additional fee, subject to availability.

Class Schedule

This instructor does not currently have classes available.