Catherine Kassab

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Catherine is a certified Personal Trainer, with certifications in Group Fitness, Perinatal Fitness, Water Aerobics, and Pilates.  In addition to teaching fitness classes, she is also a pre-K teacher at a private school in Morningside where she implements a kinesthetic classroom, and runs a Yoga Club after school.  She has always loved group exercise and after suffering an injury that put her in a wheelchair until regaining her ability to walk, Catherine's passion for physical therapy and exercise therapy grew. She loves all of the OhBaby! classes, and not just for the fitness aspects, but for the strong community of women it creates, and the support it provides pregnant women and Mom's. Catherine especially enjoyed teaching these classes when she was pregnant herself. Now, not only does she teach classes, but she attends them with her little one!  



Oh Baby! Fitness has a very unique and generous missed class policy. If you miss a class, you will be allowed to make it up in any other comparable (pregnancy or mom & baby) class BEFORE your session ends. No credits will be given for classes you do not make-up during the current session. If you don't make up a missed class before the end of the session, you forfeit your credits. If you miss the last class in a session, you will not be allowed to make it up, so think ahead!

Single class registrants may not make-up missed classes. You MUST attend class on the date purchased.

When you attend a makeup class, sign in as a "makeup" and our automated system will track your attendance.

If you need a welcome note for directions to a class location for a makeup, please message 

Piedmont is the only facility with special parking directions needed.

See our Refund/Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy.

Class Schedule

Mom & Baby Pilates
selectMom & Baby PilatesJan 07 - Feb 11 202012:00 PMTuesday$17/class
Class In Progress
$45/3 wks
Be Kula: Space for Wellness (Atlanta)
selectMom & Baby PilatesFeb 18 - Mar 24 202012:00 PMTuesday$17/class
6 weeks
Be Kula: Space for Wellness (Atlanta)