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All of our instructors are certified by one or more of the following organizations: The American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, the Aerobics and Fitness Assocation of America, the International Sports Science Association, Aquatic Exercise Association, American Dietetic Association, YogaFit, and Schwinn Cycle Training. Our instructors are also specially certified in pre/postnatal fitness by our own national Oh Baby! Fitness Pre/Postnatal Training. All are trained in adult and infant CPR. Many of our instructors have children of their own. Oh Baby! Fitness follows American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines in every class. If you'd like to start your own business and teach Oh Baby! Fitness pregnancy and mom & baby exercise classes in your town, check out details on our national licensing program at: Start Your Own Biz

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Abigail_Branch Abigail Branch

Ahsha_Morin Ahsha Morin

Ainslie_Rimmer Ainslie Rimmer

Allison_Aslaksen Allison Aslaksen

no_image Allison Mitch

no_image Amy Asevedo

Beneta_Rolser Beneta Rolser

no_image Blair Green

no_image Bliss Rupa

no_image Bonita Butler

no_image Cara Stevens

Caroline_Johnson Caroline Johnson

no_image Carrie Kerr

no_image Cassie ONeill

Cat_Cross Cat Cross

no_image Catherine Kassab

no_image Celeste LeMieux

no_image Chanel Strunk

no_image Christine Brodeur

no_image Cindy Hagen

no_image Clare Nicholas

no_image Claudia Haab

Corie_Lucas Corie Lucas

Corrinna_Edwards Corrinna Edwards

no_image Crystal Romero

no_image Dana Graves

no_image Dana Wester

no_image Dawn Vanis

no_image Dr. Naima Lewis

no_image Elizabeth Aguirre

no_image Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth_Rowan Elizabeth Rowan

no_image Elizabeth Shirk

Erika_Barnett Erika Barnett

no_image Erin Dowdy

Gaby_Pusateri Gaby Pusateri

Heather_Filice Heather Filice

no_image Heather M. Ambrosi

no_image Helena Quick

no_image Holle Black

Holly_Nichols Holly Nichols

no_image Jackie Mosure

Jacklyn_OHara Jacklyn OHara

no_image Jacqueline Dyson

no_image Jamie Steele

Jen_Bethel Jen Bethel

no_image Jennifer Linderborg

no_image Jennifer Yellin

Jessica_Covington Jessica Covington

no_image Jill Dittus

no_image Jill Donelan

no_image Joan Harris

Jocelyn_Simpson Jocelyn Simpson

no_image Josi Adler

no_image Julie Morgan

no_image Kandice Shelton

no_image Karen Dunmire

Karen_Killough Karen Killough

no_image Karen Zelinsky

no_image Kari Martinez

no_image Kate Monk

no_image Katelyn Woodard

Kathleen_Donahoe Kathleen Donahoe

no_image Katrina Braxton

Kim_Oetting Kim Oetting

Kristen_St._Amour Kristen St. Amour

no_image Krystle Benedetto

no_image Lakisha Cheek

no_image Lauren Fischer

no_image Lauren Morris

no_image Lauren Powers

no_image Linda Kumar

no_image Lisa Lucy

Lisa_Olshanski Lisa Olshanski

Liza_ter_Kuile Liza ter Kuile

no_image Lori Merritt

no_image Lydia Kolb

no_image Lynn Brandli

no_image Maggie Walls

no_image Marilyn Hildebrandt

no_image Martha Lugo

no_image Melita Mitchell

Michelle_Whitlock Michelle Whitlock

Monica_Snavely Monica Snavely

Natasha_Richardson Natasha Richardson

Nicole_Delaine Nicole Delaine

no_image Nicole Sheriff

Nicole_Vermillion Nicole Vermillion

no_image Paige Castor

no_image Rachel Kline

no_image Rachel Southard

no_image Sarah Corcoran

no_image Sarah Kleiner

Selena_McQuerrey Selena McQuerrey

no_image Shelley Reed

no_image Sonya Rowlands

Stephanie_Cantillo Stephanie Cantillo

no_image Stephanie Pearce

no_image Sue Culberson

no_image Susan Gore

no_image Susan Mittleman

Suzanne_Blokzyl Suzanne Blokzyl

no_image Tanya Sampson

no_image Tatum Brown

no_image Triniti Williams

Vanya_Francis Vanya Francis

no_image Veronica Lewinger

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